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A Silent World Deaf Center LLC and Traveling Sign Language Camp

Bridging the Communication Gap in Every Community


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The Traveling Sign Language Camp

Traveling Sign Language Camp
Afterschool Educational Program 
March - October
3pm - 6pm

Tutoring and Homeschool Center

These sessions are for Students who are interested in and/or taking American Sign Language Courses

Ask The Sign Language Lady Blog

What's the word in the Deaf Community? Ask me anything and I'll tell you. Come and join me as I help you understand and learn about the Deaf Community and Deaf Awareness. Let me help bridge the gap in your community.


A Silent World Deaf Center LLC is dedicated to enriching lives of the community in all cities. Our staff works extra hard all year long in order to keep things interesting at A Silent World Deaf Center LLC! There are a variety of programs, services and activities available for people of all ages to engage in. We also are happy to offer our community a wide range of volunteer opportunities for the community and events to for them to enjoy.

Business Hours

We are continuing to follow COVID GUIDELINES

SUNDAY               CLOSED

MONDAY              9am - 4pm

TUESDAY             9am - 4pm

WEDNESDAY        9am - 4pm

THURSDAY            9am - 4pm

FRIDAY                   9am - 2pm




A Silent World Deaf Center LLC is your Community Leader. Let us know what we can do for you.

1601 Main St N
2nd floor
Jacksonville, Florida 32206

904.866.5968 DUO/voice/text

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